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1&2Gallon PET Bottle Filling line
1|2gallons PET Bottle Filling Machine
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1gallon or 2gallons PET Bottle Filling Machine

1gallon and 2 gallon Bottle Water Filling Line

1. It is specially used for filling 4L (1-gallon) to 8L (2-gallon) bottled water.
2. It is a good machine line for the all shapes of bottles.
3. The machine is designed for bottles such as PVC. PE. PET etc. It can be used for different shapes of bottles.
4. The machine line with stainless steel rinse nozzles, pressure filling valve, screw capper, hot steam film shrinkage machine top quality line.
5. Filling time is controlled by the PLC.
6. The machine adopts high quality stainless steel frame(No. Z304).
7. The machine design appreance is beautiful, easy operation, maintainence and working stable.
8. The entire line is composed of
(1). Bottle-loading device.
(2). Rinsing machine with continuously sterilizing system.
(3). Linear filling machine .
(4). Capping machine .
(5). Cap/label film steam shrink .
(6). Conveyancer system.
9. Linear labeler and code printer.

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Technique parameter:

Size according bottle volume and capacity


According customer request  
Bottle shape round or square type
Bottle capacity 500-2000bph