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Sugar Melting Boiler
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Sugar Melting Boiler

Sugar Melting Boiler is a new type of beverage machinery. This machine can finish the sugar melting work by electricity or steam heating, with mixing motor. The body of the boiler is composed of cylindrical stainless steel inner seal head, thus forming a heat transfer sandwich. Packaged by the stainless steel outside. Putting the melting material and cold water in the boiler and making the steam pass through the sandwich can accomplish the goal of heating and melting. The conduit united with the sandwich is equipped with pressure gage and safety valve, which can mensurate the pressure and guarantee the safety.

The Characteristic of Sugar Melting Boiler:
Sugar Melting Boiler is made from high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, easy to clean.

The Characteristic of Sugar Melting Boiler:
Sugar Melting Boiler is used in the melting, disinfection, cooking, heating and insulation of dairy products, syrup, fruit juice, food and so on.
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