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Infusion filling machine works and the use of standardized
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Infusion filling machine works and the use of standardized

Filling machine is determined by the content, clarity inspection qualified person clean liquid filling packaging containers. Currently infusion glass bottles filling equipment has a variety of models. By intermittent exercise in the form of sub-linear, continuous rotary; divided by filling way flow timing type, cup displacement, metering pumps injectable three kinds. These types of models filling equipment which measurement errors are within 2%. Infusion liquid filling equipment, pay attention to parts in contact with the friction may produce particles filling in the form, the terminal must add filters, easily oxidized when the liquid filling equipment should be nitrogen devices.

A funnel filling machine

  Funnel filling machine is the use of time and flow control metering filling volume, is an automatic filling machine. Funnel filling machine shape as shown below. This machine has the advantage of simple structure, into the bottle using a screw lose bottles and bottles dial star wheel input to the filling station, out of the bottle using dial bottle feeding star wheel to dial a bottle of liquid filled bottles on to lose away. Parts in contact with the liquid no relative motion, no friction, no particles into the liquid.
Funnel Filling Machine
2 cup-type vacuum filling machine
     Cup-type vacuum filling machine as shown below. The aircraft prop bottle and a continuously variable transmission device consists of three parts liquid measuring cup. The machine is semi-automatic filling machine, a bucket is equipped to a measuring cup, measuring cup and filling Apply silicone rubber tube connected to the screw-type glass bottle conveying device by dialing star wheel bottle bottles care unit away turntable, care bottle lifting device consists of a cylindrical cam control, trap filling head to form a sealed bottle shoulder space, by vacuum, vacuum liquid flow into the bottle. The machine is characterized by: measuring cup parts, vacuum filling, liquid in contact with no relative mechanical friction, no particle generation, to ensure clarity of the liquid in the filling process; metering block adjustment measure, easy to adjust simple. Domestic cup-type vacuum filling machines are mostly 10 filling heads, yield about 60 bottles / min. Has no bottle no filling machine such as automatic protection device. The disadvantage is that when the machine rotation speed, deflect liquid measuring cup, can cause measurement errors.
Cup-type vacuum filling machine

3 metering pump injection filling machine

Metering pump is injected through the injection filling machine liquid metering pump under pressure of the piston and the liquid filled in the container. Filling head has two, four, six, eight, twelve top. Models are linear rotary two. Linear glass for intermittent motion, production is not high, as eight of the filling machine production of 60 bottles / min. Rotary filling machine for continuous operation, the yield is relatively high.

As shown in the following figure eight head linear filling machine. The figure shows, wash bottles 8 a separate location on the conveyor by two star wheels, v-type card board lived bottle bottleneck, so that the bottle accurately align the head and into the liquid nitrogen valve outlet. Before filling, first eight nitrogen head to the bottle pre-filled with nitrogen, while nitrogen side irrigation fluid filling. Nitrogen head, inlet valves and metering pumps are reciprocating motion of the piston against the cam control. Pumping out the liquid from the weighing terminal filtered first by re-entering the inlet valve. As a result of positive displacement metering, metering adjustment range from 100 - between 500mL may need to be adjusted to change the type of inlet valve outlet can fill different containers, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags and other containers. Adapted to the different concentration of the liquid filling. When no bottle metering pump rotary valve does not open, you can ensure that no bottle no filling. After the liquid infusion is completed, when the piston rod metering pumps Withdrawing before perfusion head pipes form a negative pressure valve, filling valve head can be reliably closed, coupled with capillary action syringe to ensure that the filling is complete without dropping . Injection pump metering, less parts in contact with the liquid, there is no easy cleaning of corners, easy to clean and disinfect. Metering pump liquid both coarse positioning control device, there are fine-tuning device control device accuracy.

Metering pump injection filling machine

4 Constant filling machine

Constant filling machine was introduced in the 1990s for a time pressure infusion bottle filling machine. And flow measured at the time to determine, but the method is based on a computer-controlled valve to control liquid, loading volume accurate. To sixteen linear constant pressure filling machine, for example, the whole by the constant pressure tank, valves and irrigation fluid liquid nitrogen institutions, bottle bottles care institutions, computer control devices, speed reducer and inverter, etc. components. First with nitrogen to ensure machines put constant pressure reservoir tank top, followed by adjusting the number of fixed perfusion flow is constant, controlled by computer liquid valve opening and closing times, reaching the amount of accurate loading, loading volume adjustment range has lOOmL, 25OmL, 5OOmL three kinds , infusion bottles input detecting counting mechanism, missing bottle no filling, the entire filling process computer process control, high degree of automation.
Filling machine work process is straight lined pushed people infusion bottle filling station, filling head does not move, prop bottle body automatically rise in the cam hold infusion bottles, bottle filling head with rubber sleeve shoulder positioning, infusion needles liquid nitrogen into the bottle filling, filling is completed, bottle holders declined to be instilled in infusion bottle liquid bottle stopper plug driven into the station. Since the launch of the bottle straight advance, you can install two dislocation lines can yield great. The machine is linear intermittent filling, nitrogen filling liquid simultaneously. Infusion head is fixed, no jitter and skew, the needle cannula can be relatively bold, the fluid pressure is reduced, so that a better defoaming. Computer controlled hydraulic valve single, measurement accuracy can be individually mediation, high filling accuracy. Liquid device controlled by computer, no mechanical friction liquid channel, high-quality liquid valve, no residual liquid corner, ensuring the quality of the filling liquid, no foreign matter and to ensure clarity. The machine can be used without dismantling disinfectant and disinfectant cleaning water for injection.

5 plastic bottle infusion filling machine

Filling plastic bottles infusion There are two ways, usually with a glass bottle in the form of similar first made of plastic bottles, made ​​out of plastic bottles after treatment, and after the removal of static electricity and high pressure air blowing after purification, and then filling liquid. Filling in the form of glass similar to the filling and then sealed. Another form is the bottle, filling and sealing three processes are combined on one machine, namely plastic pellets made ​​by blow molding machine blow molding bottles, filling and sealing immediately in the same mold, then release the bottle. There are 100 air purification device parallel flow partial protection from contamination during filling. The device can be exempted from washing processes.

6. infusion bags filling machine

Infusion bag filling machine with glass bottles and plastic bottles have significant differences, the reason is the plastic bags into the liquid nozzle is small, must trap the irrigation fluid nozzle, the other did not walk like a plastic bottle on the bottle conveying machine positioning filling, will be assisted by artificial irrigation fluid nozzle needle trap filling, heat sealing the filling is completed, semi-mechanized production and lower yields.

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