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Filling Machine Sealing Machine some common questions
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Filling Machine Sealing Machine some common questions

On some of the more common problems (not including the problem of low quality because of their reasons for filling and sealing machine caused) some analysis. First, before the analysis of specific issues that arise for filling and sealing machine must perform the following test:

● The actual operating speed filling and sealing machine detects whether the initial commissioning of the specifications of the same good speed;

detection LEISTER heater is in the open position;

Compressed air supply pressure testing equipment has reached the device is working properly when the pressure requirements;

detecting whether the smooth flow of the cooling water and the cooling water temperature is within the range of the required equipment;

Filling filling and sealing machine detects whether there dripping cream of the phenomenon, in particular, to ensure that the paste does not stick in the table wall portion of the tube;

Do not hose inner surface in contact with anything, in order to avoid contamination of the inner wall of the hose table;

detection LEISTER heater intake is normal

internal temperature detector detects whether the heater is in the correct position

head ventilation device to detect whether heating is working properly

After carrying out the above after initial detection, we analyze some of the filling and sealing machine common specific issues:

Filling and sealing machine specific problems common

A phenomenon: the emergence of a phenomenon when the left is usually caused by high temperature. This time should detect whether the actual temperature specification hose to work when the desired temperature. The actual temperature of the temperature indicator should be relatively stable for a set temperature (in the range of normal variation between 1 ℃ to 3 ℃).

Phenomenon 2: while there have shown below ear phenomena: First, the correct detection of the thermal head is placed in a heating head nest; then check the hose below the thermal head vertical degrees. While there is the phenomenon of ears Another possible reason is that the tail of two parallel plates sandwiched deviation. Deviation clip transom parallelism can be achieved by a .2 to .3 mm shim between to detect.

Phenomenon 3: Sealing beginning from the hose split the middle of this phenomenon for heating head size is not enough, replace the large number of the heating head. Heating head size criteria for the heating hose is inserted inside the head, and then pull out, pull out the feeling when there is a slight suction.

Phenomenon 4: The "bags" under Sealing proof line: this situation is not highly heated head pores, can be adjusted in the following manner.

Phenomenon 5: Cut the hose end in the middle rear sag: This problem usually occurs because of the wrong size tube cup, hose pipe Cup card in too tightly. Criteria tube cup size: hose should be fully stuck in the pipe Cup, but when the tail clip, tube cup natural changes should not affect the shape of the hose.

Listed above are just a few common problems sealing, filling and sealing machine users will have to analyze the situation according to the specific address specific problems.

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