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Which part of the composition by aseptic filling machine equipment
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Which part of the composition by aseptic filling machine equipment

Aseptic packaging equipment system is separate from the region and the external environment of a sterilizing tunnel and the apparatus is installed on the outside of the machine components. This apparatus for steam sterilization of the filling machine, but also through the hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the smoke tunnel pre-sterilized, and produce sterile air overpressure is formed inside the sterilization tunnel, in order to maintain a sterile production environment.

Aseptic packaging systems for aseptic packaging production lines, maintain a sterile production environment is very important. Therefore, the use of patented aseptic packaging machines, from the sterile equipment systems, mechanical operation control and alarm systems, and no packaging material for continuous disinfection solution in H2O2 sterilization tank, and then drying machines, sterile air and infrared drying treatment. It is noteworthy, disinfection tank with disinfectant thermostat and H2O2 content controller. As for the control H202 content, primarily for automatic regulation and control information through the micro-processor sterilization devices and auxiliary devices, without manual operation.
The advantage of this is that the control device can be automatically added to maintain H2O2 levels and Disinfection tank; during cleaning and maintenance can be quickly and easily sterilized vacated slot; hydrogen peroxide with a heating system, so that the disinfectant concentration is maintained at a constant and lower temperatures, and H202 solution for continuous filtration to ensure the effectiveness of the disinfectant. Characteristics of the system is a sterile food products to avoid contact with the contaminated components are hydrogen peroxide H202 completely separated from the steam cycle.
In addition, the characteristics of the system include the use of patented a device to produce H2O2. When the smoke and distributed along the pipeline will minimize the occurrence of condensation; has automatic disinfection systems and in situ cleaning system, as well as a high degree of hygiene and sterile component type device to ensure that the production process meet the health standards.

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