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When the oil filling machine packaging encounter "tall on 'and green
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When the oil filling machine packaging encounter "tall on 'and green

Some time ago we have information to convey such a message, in a large number of global agriculture, food and horticulture exhibition fooled when our exhibitors with goods because of all with metal, wooden, ceramic and so on, but met with condemnation and rejection of local consumers.

After analyzing the survey found that consumers are more popular overseas Jane affordable package, they are difficult to accept in order to eat the same thing to waste so much wood, iron and steel. Take the cooking oil to the bar, barrel ordinary plastic drums of cooking oil is more loved by the people, and that is the best selling. Our edible oil packaging can be described using the current network can be used more popular "tall" to describe the point can not be overemphasized. "Tall" in pursuit of luxury consumer life tell me that the atmosphere on the level of high-end, low-key luxury connotation. These things are used in many places should be very popular, but used in the packaging of edible oil, edible oil filling machine companies and oil producers need to calm down and have a good think.

Edible face "tall" and the current pursuit of environmental protection has a great conflict, filling machine for edible oil business is not a small impact and challenges. Only do and contemporary fully meet people's needs, to get a lot of support.

Currently, China provides constraints for the packaging industry is not strong, many consumers tend to "luxurious, expensive," the Haozhuang products, leading companies in the packaging effort is needed, to the existence of multi-level package provides the soil. In addition, corporate companies believe that good packaging can establish a corporate image, profit margins will be very impressive.

"Face problems stimulated transition of edible oil packaging, on the domestic edible oil packaging comparative price level is very high, low price we all despise and want to sell are no longer marketable. Some common edible oils and spreads on foreign oil in 50%, in the domestic packaging machine can reach three times.

Survey shows that 50% of our goods because the pursuit of "tall" presence of a transition package, which has a third of municipal solid waste is packaging of waste, waste several hundred million dollars annually.

The most recent luxury of cooking oil in order to reduce packaging, the state of some of the public consumption of high-grade edible oils such as olive oil, linseed oil and other valuable upscale packaging suppressed. Some companies are closer toward the green, when oil filling machine packaging encounter "tall" and green, enterprises have gradually tendencies and green, because only in this way can be more suitable for the development of the packaging market and development of enterprises.

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