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Aseptic Juice Filling Machine



Aseptic Filling Machine

1. For juice filling, tea, energy drinks, milk flavor drinks
2. Aseptic filling machine: 5000-40000BPH (200ml to 1.5l)
3. CE, UL, ISO

King Best Machine has the exclusive matured high speed PET aseptic cold filling technology in China. This technology could be applied widely. For both high acid and low acid product, the whole system could ensure the sterilization efficiency to 5D or 6D. Wet sterilization adopts PAA which is used for sterilization of the bottle and cap after being heated. The aseptic zone is realized through isolator. The machine's inside classification clean room is kept through positive pressure.
Product capacity: 10000BPH-43200BPH
Technical features:
Multi rounds sanitizer spraying and cleaning technology to assure the safety  of technics.
Mechanical type or electronic pulse type nozzle is of stable performance and water saving.
Non-contact filling head avoids cross contamination and ensures the safety of microorganism.
Betatron flowmeter gives the exact constant volume.
The capping machine is of aseptic type, self lubrication ceramics bearing,equipped with servo-motor.
The cap sterilizer is of soaking type or liner spraying type.
Automatic inspection, control and parameter record system. All the key points of the production line have been taken aseptic monitoring.


The PET aseptic filling system is composed of the following systems:
Sanitizer preparation system
Empty bottle sterilization unit
Cap sterilization unit
Sterile material UHT sterilizer
Sterile material storage and constant pressure system
Sterile water UHT sterilizer
Sterile compressed air/nitrogen preparation
CIP/SIP system
Aseptic isolation system
100 class clean room
Aseptic zone COP/SOP
Waste air treatment system
Liquid sealing system
Steam generator
Liquid nitrogen injection system
Aseptic 5-in-1 filling monoblock
Whole line automatic control system
Technical parameter monitor and record system
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As a leading beverage machinery manufacturer in China. Suzhou King best machine manufacturer supplies high quality Water Filling Machine, Juice Filling Machine, bottle filling machine and other filling system for our clients.

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