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Current Category: Water Treatment systems
  • Water Treatment Plants

    Water treatment system is used for raw water purification.It includes silica sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, Ozone generator and UV Sterilizer, RO machine All these machines made by stainless steel food stage.

  • Tank

    It is used for storing treated water or treated beverage.It is made by food stage stainless steel 304.We can make liquid tanks according customers' requests.

  • Reverse Osmosis Two Stage

    The principle of 2-steps hyperfiltration device is to adjust the PH-value of water through first grade device, then let second step high pressure pump transter liquid into the second step hyperfil system to treat, and get the cleaned water at last.

  • Ozone Sterilizer

    Ozone sterilizer is designed and made to produce ozone for liquid sterilization.Ozone molecule is the allotrope of oxygen atom, With the molecule formula O₃.

  • Reverse Osmosis One Stage

    The reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the water with different pressures of semi permeable membrane.

  • Precision Filter

    Precision filter is widely used in liquid processing and purifying industrial. 1.Productivity: 3-20T 2.Packing: Wooden box.

  • Hollow Fiber Filter

    Hollow fiber is an important water treatment equipment for mineral water manufacturers.

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