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Hollow Fiber Filter


Hollow Fiber Filter

Hollow Filber is a very important water treatment equipment which is widely used in mineral water plant.

The Characteristic of Hollow Fiber Equipment:
Hollow Fiber Equipment features convenient washing, great water handling capacity, small floor space, good filtering effect etc.

The Working Principle of Hollow Fiber Equipment:
Hollow Fiber Equipment is the asymmetric membrane that is made from high polymer material through special craft. Under the effect of pressure, the original fluid flows outside or inside the membrane, in which the high polymer material, as well as the colloid granule are prevented in the membrane surface. They are taken off by circulatory flowing original fluid and then become the concentrated solution, thus achieving the goal of material separation, concentration and purification.
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Technique parameter







Model of membrane  Hollow-fiber  made by highly molecule Material adopting special technology

The amount molecule being held off  10000-80000(MW)

The production of purified water






PH                                                                                      2-13

Working temperature                                            5-45degree

Working pressure                                                    <0.15MPa

Working utilizing  rate                                                     >90%


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