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  • Glass Bottled Filling Machine

    Beer Filling Machine Specifications glass bottled beer filling machine 1.Filling capping 2 in 1 machine 2.For Glass bottle 3.PLC control 4.Capacity:We can design the capacity according to your request leader type centering cover.

  • Water Treatment Plants

    Water treatment system is used for raw water purification.It includes silica sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, Ozone generator and UV Sterilizer, RO machine All these machines made by stainless steel food stage.

  • High capacity 3|5 gallon Barreled water

    High speed 5 gallon water filling machine is one of our main products that we want to introduce to you. It is an ideal equipment for mineral water filling, distilled water and purified water producing process.

  • Injection Moulding Machine KBM-4800A

    1.shot weight:1225g--1600g 2.screw diameter:70mm--80mm

  • KBM6 Automatic 6 Cavities blow molding m

    KBM-A6 is the fastest liner blow molding machine in mainland of China by now. KBM-A6 reaches around 6000BPH for 350ML.

  • KBM4 Automatic 4 Cavities blow molding m

    KBM-A4is the fastest liner blow molding machine in mainland of China by now.KBM-A4 reaches around 4200BPH for 350ML bottle every hour. Its

  • KBM2 Automatic 2 Cavities blow molding m

    KBM-A2 reaches around 2200BPH for 350ML bottle every hour.

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