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Pop can beverage Filling Machine
Pop-can Filling Equipment
  Mar 24, 2024        Posts by : admin        113

Pop-can filling and capping equipment for juice filling, water filling, tea, wine and carbonated drinks.

Pop can filling and sealing 2 in 1 machine

Integrate function of rinsing, filling and capping together. OMRON programmed controller (PLC)

Cans filling and sealing machine is introduced from Swiss advanced technology, after digestion and absorption, self-designed and manufactured, it can be widely used in cans beer, beverages, mineral water filling and sealing. The machine has changed the traditional two divided machine model, adopting two in one together way to make structure tight, operation stable, attractive appearance.

This machine is mainly used for filling and capping pop cans carbonated beverage with holding bottle bottom conveyor method to make the whole line conveying stable.

It adopts counter pressure principle with high-precision mechanical valve, high speed filling, high precision liquid level, no cans no filling. It has guiding devices with filling valve mouth to ensure the stability maximum from cans in and out filling machine. The filling tank adopts automatic lifting support method with worm gear box, to meet the different height of the cans.

In filling cylinder has liquid level switch to ensure into liquid stability.

This machine first use low voltage CO2 blowing in cans air before opening the valve to ensure the purity of CO2 in cans.

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