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HDPE Litchi milk juice bottle filling machine

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  • Filling machine for the production of fruit milk, aluminum foil sealing, automatic fruit milk aluminum foil sealing filling machine, also suitable for lychee juice production and filling.

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Industry-specific attributes

Machinery Capacity2000BPH,4000BPH, 6000BPH,8000BPH, 12000BPH, 16000BPH,20000BPH, 24000BPH,36000BPH
Packaging MaterialPlastic, HDPE
Filling Material Milk, Water, Juice
Filling Accuracy±1%

KingBestMachine 24-24-18-2 HDPE LITCHI Milk Juice Bottle Filling Machine Four in One:

1. Technical characteristics:

KingBestMachine 24-24-18-2HDPE LITCHI Milk Juice Bottling Machine is a four-in-one. seal. The machine uses a bottleneck to locate the transportation method. Just change the change of a variety of bottle types. The irrigation method is equal -voltage irrigation. The specially designed filling valve can accurately control the amount of the filling liquid. Hygienic circular pipelines provide reliable guarantee for product quality.

★ The punch part:

This machine is a rotary punch machine, which is mainly used for new bottles of fruit milk, lychee juice and other products. Then send the bottle to the filling machine for the product.

The HDPE bottle enters the device from the spoil star wheel from the clamping and the flip mechanism. Installation. The main structure of the equipment and the contact medium and the external protective cover are high -quality stainless steel materials; open gear transmission.

The new stainless steel clamp, simple structure and convenient adjustment; the area of contact with the bottle mouth is small, effectively avoiding the secondary pollution of the bottle mouth

The punching machine in the water pipe is equipped with a pressure gauge

There is a water -connected pyramid to recycle the bottle water

When punching the bottle, the amount of water per bottle is: 105ml/s (at 0.25MPa)

★ The filling part:

1) The irrigation part will be filled with beverage raw materials such as fruit milk, lychee juice and other beverages into the washed bottle sent by the bottle machine.

2) The filling machine is the introduction of German technology in my country, and the use of the principle of pressure irrigation is designed and manufactured by themselves.

3) The filling valve adopts the normal pressure mechanical valve, which is fast and sensitive, and the accuracy of the irrigation fluid surface is high.

4) Use a double -guide bottle to improve the structure to improve the bottle and stabilize.

5) The bottle system is simple and the structure can be quickly changed according to the bottle type.

6) Automatic control of the entire PLC of the machine, the fault is displayed online, such as blocking bottle, lack of cover, etc.

7) The automatic control of the internal material in the cylinder, the liquid level height is detected by the liquid level sensor to ensure that the liquid level is stable and reliable.

★ Aluminum foil cover part:

1) The blocking part will be performed by the aluminum foil cover sorted by the lid to the poured bottle, and it will be sent to the rear channel process.

★ Machine bracket and transmission:

1) The rack is welded by high -quality carbon steel, and surface rust is processed and sprayed, and the surface is covered with stainless steel plates (SUS304).

2) The four -in -one transmission system is located under the table of the rack. It is dragged by a main motor and a gear transmission method.

3) The transmission gear is layout of steel gear and nylon gear.

4) The transmission technology of the ABB uses ABB company synchronous transmission technology. The transmission is stable and the operating energy consumption is low.

5) The main motor output shaft is equipped with overload protection mechanism to effectively ensure the safety of the machine.

6) The machine has an automatic lubrication system that can automatically add lubricating oil to the equipment transmission gear and other components to effectively improve the operating life of the equipment.

★ Control system and operating panel:

1) Seal -type spraying electrical control box, PLC, inverter, relay, photoelectric switch, induction switch and other components all use internationally renowned brand products, and at the same time adopt the easy human -machine operation interface.

2) Automatically controlled the entire machine PLC, the fault is displayed online, such as blocking bottle, lack of cover, etc.

3) The key components and electrical components of this machine adopt imported products.





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