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Optimization of Juice Beverage Production Line Process and Discussion on Cold vs. Hot Filling

Views:      Author: KingBestMachine     Publish Time: 2024-05-03

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I. Juice Production Line Process

Juice is directly pressed from fresh fruits, preserving their nutritional value and flavor compared to regular beverages, making it increasingly popular. Here is the production process of juice beverages:

1.Collection and Washing of Raw Fruits

2.Sorting and Washing

3.Destemming and Pulp Conveyance

4.Juicing Process

5.Filtration and Temporary Storage

6.Blending and Sterilization

7.Filling and Packaging

8.Product Storage

Fresh juice beverages skip the steps of concentration and blending, avoiding the addition of water, sugar, or food additives, resulting in higher costs but healthier products.

II. Cold vs. Hot Filling

Juice filling can be categorized into cold and hot filling, each offering distinct advantages. Cold filling retains the nutritional content and flavor of the original juice, while hot filling extends the shelf life of the product. The choice between the two methods depends on specific production requirements.

III. Juice Ingredients

Juice production utilizes various fresh fruits as ingredients. For example, NFC orange juice is made from fresh oranges, which are washed and pressed before packaging. Some juice beverages may contain a combination of fruits, such as NFC carrot juice with added grape for flavoring.



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