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Discussion on juice process optimization and cold filling

Views:      Author: KingBestMachine     Publish Time: 2024-05-03


The starting point of the aseptic cold filling line design process is to produce more types of sensitive beverages to meet market demand and ensure microbial safety. Because the characteristics of sensitive beverages and the need for sterilization make it more difficult to remove dirt from aseptic cold filling equipment, the disinfection requirements are higher, so the sanitary design and cleaning and disinfection process of the aseptic cold filling line are more critical. Only cleaning and disinfection agents that have been tested and verified by equipment suppliers can be used in the production of aseptic cold filling lines.

The cleaning and disinfection of aseptic cold filling lines mainly focus on two parts: cleaning and disinfection of packaging materials and cleaning and disinfection of the inside of the pipeline.

The objects of cleaning and disinfection of packaging materials are PET bottles that are in direct contact with filling materials and bottle caps that play a sealing role. Sealed Air uses a special disinfectant with patented technology, Taihuashi brand peracetic acid, to disinfect and sterilize packaging materials. Peracetic acid is referred to as PAA, and its molecular formula is CH3COOOH. Because of the presence of hydroxyl groups, it will oxidize proteins, enzymes and functional groups (-SH, -NH2) in the microbial structure. At the same time, the highly reactive hydroxyl groups can attack membrane lipids, DNA and other essential cell components, thereby causing the death of microbial cells and playing a role in disinfection and sterilization.

Cleaning and disinfection inside the pipeline is also called CIP, which refers to the cleaning method of the production plant without dismantling or changing the state of the system operating device. In the cleaning and disinfection of the pipeline, the cleaning solution is sprayed on the surface of the tank and circulated by the pump inside the pipeline to contact the cleaning surface, remove dirt, and kill microbial cells to achieve the purpose of cleaning and disinfection. In the sterile cold filling line, Sealed Air uses a composite acid and alkali approved by the equipment supplier for CIP. Unlike ordinary industrial acids and alkalis, in addition to the inherent sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, nitric acid and phosphoric acid components, the composite acid and alkali will also add a proper proportion of chelating agents or wetting agents, which can help the acid and alkali better penetrate into the dirt and microbial cells, greatly enhancing the cleaning and disinfection effect and ensuring the complete operation of the sterile system.



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