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What are the safety risks of liquid filling machines? How to avoid them?

Views:      Author: KingBestMachine     Publish Time: 2024-04-25

Filling machines may pose safety risks such as fire, explosion, poisoning, and suffocation when filling mixed solutions of flammable solvents or toxic solvents. There is also a risk of electric shock if the power cord is not properly managed. To avoid these risks and ensure safe operation, it is important to take the following measures when using filling equipment: install safety protection devices correctly, inspect before operation, and promptly correct or stop the machine if any abnormalities are found. Let's take a closer look at the safety risks of filling machines and the key points for safe operation of filling equipment.

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I. Safety Risks of Filling Machines

Filling machines are equipment used to fill materials and are a type of packaging machinery widely used in industrial production. As large machinery, filling machines may pose some safety risks during operation, including:

Fire and Explosion Risks

(1) When filling mixed solutions of flammable solvents, the solution flows from a high-level storage tank into the filling machine. If the flow rate is too fast, it may generate static electricity. When the flammable gas formed by the evaporation of the solution and oxygen reaches the explosive limit, it may cause a fire or explosion accident in the presence of an open flame.

(2) If the bottle containing the mixed solution of flammable solvents breaks during filling and leaks, the leaked solution may catch fire or explode when exposed to an open flame.

(3) The use of non-explosion-proof electrical equipment in explosion-hazardous areas may cause electrical sparks, which may lead to fire or explosion accidents when there is a leak of the mixed solution of flammable solvents.

Electric Shock Risks

(1) If the power supply of the filling machine is not properly grounded or the grounding wire is not connected properly, or if the connection is poor, electrical faults may lead to electric shock accidents.

(2) Short circuits, open circuits, or exposed wires in the power and control lines of the filling machine motor may also lead to electric shock accidents.

Poisoning and Suffocation Risks

When filling mixed solutions of toxic solvents (such as toluene and xylene), if the bottle breaks and leaks, it may cause poisoning and suffocation to the operators.

II. How to Avoid the Safety Risks of Filling Machines?

To avoid safety risks, it is important to follow safe operating procedures when operating filling equipment. The main points to note are as follows:

Before operating the filling machine, ensure that the safety protection devices are installed correctly and inspect them regularly to prevent accidents.

Perform a comprehensive inspection of the filling machine before operation and ensure that all control devices are operating normally before using the machine.

Do not load uncertain materials into the filling machine without prior safety inspection, as this may lead to unexpected disasters.

During operation, if any abnormalities are found, correct them promptly or stop the machine to avoid accidental damage.

Use the correct specifications of fans and geared motors for the filling machine, and do not stack debris on the machine to emphasize safety and reliability.

Operate the filling machine according to the operating procedures, undergo safety training, use the safety devices correctly, and ensure safe conditions.

Turn off the power when the machine is in operation to prevent accidental injuries.

Wear safety helmets, protective glasses, and work gloves during operation to prevent accidental injuries.

When filling mixed solutions of flammable solvents, control the solvent delivery speed, ground the filling machine to ensure timely dissipation of static electricity, and install flammable gas detection devices and use explosion-proof electrical appliances.

When filling mixed solutions of toxic solvents, install toxic gas detection devices, wear protective masks, adjust the filling speed appropriately, and strictly follow the safety operating procedures.



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